Caturday in the Studio

Lucy and Bean supervise the printing of Attack Cat Studio string tags that will be my business card. They are also engaging in cat tree politics, discussing the fine points of territory, thus reinforcing the Attack portion of studio’s existence. I plan to print 125 tags in this batch. Production came to a standstill because I blew a hole in my screen but that’s okay, I’ll burn another and the prints will be finished today!

Attack Cat Studio, Carol Parker Mittal

A sampling of my studio life.

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THANK YOU! KatzenworldBlog for the awesomely interesting book! I love it. It is the perfect companion to some of my other art books about pets in art. It’s purrr-fect!

Pets in Portraits by Robin Gibson

Another new book for my collection!

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Caturday is for Sun

I sat in the Tabby Shack and did some sketching of the cats. The strong afternoon sun filtered through the lattice, both in the way the little diamond-openings revealed the greening spring to the outside, and the way the light punched through the same openings to the inside, casting a geometric pattern on cats, shelves, and grass.
I used my Derwent Watercolor Pencils and tried to capture the impression of cat activity and the mingling light.

Photograph by Neil Mittal

Hanging out in the Tabby Shack.

Watercolor cats, Carol Parker Mittal

Watercolor pencil, 8″ x 8″ Carol Parker Mittal

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Caturday is for Printmaking

I am intensely curious and love learning new things, especially about art. This week, I took a class at Black Bird Arts on how to do photo lithography on clay. It was a simple process using toner copies, and oil based stains. I immortalized Lucy, Bean, and Vera (of course!) on my slab vase . These pictures show a little about the process and the printmaking on the unfired clay. Stay tuned for the results after the firing!

Lucy Print, Carol Parker Mittal

An inked image of Lucy ready to apply to the clay.

Clay Litho image, Carol Parker Mittal

Lucy printed on vase before firing.

Bean, Vera, and Lucy. Plates used for clay litho. Carol Parker Mittal

The “plates” used to transfer the images to the clay.

Image transferred to greenware using clay litho.  Carol Parker Mittal

Vera and a little bit of Bean.

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Caturday is for Sketchbooks

It’s spring, spring, spring! For your consideration, I include two sketches that interpret the season.

Mixed-media hairballs, Carol Parker Mittal

Don’t know what else to say about this. Pretty self-explanatory…

Mixed-media sketchbook, Carol Parker Mittal

Cats enjoy spring in their own ways.

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#PetsInPortraits Katzenworld Winner announced


Thanks Katzenworld for selecting my photo! :) :) :)

Originally posted on Katzenworld:

Hello everyone,

Following on from our own competition we are pleased to announce that the winner is Carol Parker Mittal! She runs her own Blog which you can visit here.

Her entry can be found below:


She will soon receive a copy of the book Pets in Portraits and also enjoys an exclusive 15% discount for our Online Shop. :D

Please congratulate her. :)

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Caturday in the Tabby Shack

It’s finally feline ready! The Tabby Shack! Our catio features a walk-out gangway from the dining room window, comfortable territory, and lots of shelves, platforms, and levels for jumping, traversing, and resting. So far, we are still getting used to the idea of coming and going through the window, and understanding that it’s safe in our Tabby Shack, but every time we go out, it gets more awesome! Here are some pictures of Lucy, Vera, and Bean, checking out the new digs. Don’t mind the dust, as we still have to plant the catnip and put in the corner sandbox. There’s even going to be some camouflage-type landscaping to help us feel even more safe, and to beautify our neighborhood just in time to enjoy the early spring weather. Viva la Tabby Shack!Tabby Shack.pages

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Mixed Media Caturday

Trying various materials for Caturday by combining acrylic, collage, and screenprinting. Having a lot of fun in my studio this week seeing where spontaneity takes me. My model for this piece is my sassy cat, Vera.

Mixed-Media Collage, Carol Parker Mittal

Mixed-media experiment in my sketchbook featuring Miss Vera.

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Caturday is for Attack Cats

I’ve been getting my Etsy shop, Attack Cat Studio, online all week. My handmade books are featured so far with plans to have a few more available within the week. Ultimately, the shop will include some of my other art. Right now, I’m trying to work out the font and design that will be used on print media like tags, business cards, etc.  My cat-spiration for the drawing comes from Lucy, Bean, and Vera. I thought it best since they help me so much when I’m painting or making books. (Ha!) These ever-present studio companions are not ferocious to people, but if there is a string, or shredded paper, or a scrap of fabric, around, look out! Attack Cat!

Attack Cat Studio

Reasonable draft of print design for Attack Cat Studio.

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Telling Your Story

#blank book #journal #sketchbook

Hand made journal or sketchbook. Suede, stitched cover, watercolor paper. Carol Parker Mittal

I’ve always kept a blank book around. I started my first diary when I was 10 years old. It became a habit that I would follow my whole life. My diaries have evolved into sketchbooks over the years and I can’t imagine not having a place to put my ideas, solve problems, draw pictures, or make lists. That’s why I make hand made books. My blank books are for people who need a place to pursue and store their personal expressions. Check out my new Etsy shop and see what I’ve been up to at Attack Cat Studio.

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