Caturday in the Tabby Shack

It’s finally feline ready! The Tabby Shack! Our catio features a walk-out gangway from the dining room window, comfortable territory, and lots of shelves, platforms, and levels for jumping, traversing, and resting. So far, we are still getting used to the idea of coming and going through the window, and understanding that it’s safe in our Tabby Shack, but every time we go out, it gets more awesome! Here are some pictures of Lucy, Vera, and Bean, checking out the new digs. Don’t mind the dust, as we still have to plant the catnip and put in the corner sandbox. There’s even going to be some camouflage-type landscaping to help us feel even more safe, and to beautify our neighborhood just in time to enjoy the early spring weather. Viva la Tabby Shack!Tabby Shack.pages

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Mixed Media Caturday

Trying various materials for Caturday by combining acrylic, collage, and screenprinting. Having a lot of fun in my studio this week seeing where spontaneity takes me. My model for this piece is my sassy cat, Vera.

Mixed-Media Collage, Carol Parker Mittal

Mixed-media experiment in my sketchbook featuring Miss Vera.

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Caturday is for Attack Cats

I’ve been getting my Etsy shop, Attack Cat Studio, online all week. My handmade books are featured so far with plans to have a few more available within the week. Ultimately, the shop will include some of my other art. Right now, I’m trying to work out the font and design that will be used on print media like tags, business cards, etc.  My cat-spiration for the drawing comes from Lucy, Bean, and Vera. I thought it best since they help me so much when I’m painting or making books. (Ha!) These ever-present studio companions are not ferocious to people, but if there is a string, or shredded paper, or a scrap of fabric, around, look out! Attack Cat!

Attack Cat Studio

Reasonable draft of print design for Attack Cat Studio.

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Telling Your Story

#blank book #journal #sketchbook

Hand made journal or sketchbook. Suede, stitched cover, watercolor paper. Carol Parker Mittal

I’ve always kept a blank book around. I started my first diary when I was 10 years old. It became a habit that I would follow my whole life. My diaries have evolved into sketchbooks over the years and I can’t imagine not having a place to put my ideas, solve problems, draw pictures, or make lists. That’s why I make hand made books. My blank books are for people who need a place to pursue and store their personal expressions. Check out my new Etsy shop and see what I’ve been up to at Attack Cat Studio.

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Caturday in the Spring

Cold still. Predictions of snow prevail for Easter Sunday. The cats and I continue to enjoy the intermittent spurts of sun, which is convincingly warmer with each day. Daylight lasts longer and the cats feel the pull of the out-of-doors looking for the dogwood and cherry blossoms to decide it’s finally spring.

Carol Parker Mittal mixed-media

Yellow Cat With Blossoms.

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Let Me Outside on Caturday

It’s not warming up with any consistency where we live, but the days are getting longer, and the sun is more powerful. All the cats look longingly out the windows at the emerging squirrels and birds instead of just seeking luxurious naps in the sun puddles. Long, happy warm days of lounging on the sunny deck are on the way!

Tempting birds! Happy spring!

Tempting birds! Happy spring!

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Caturday in the Land of Oz

I bring you one of the most famous of felines, the Cowardly Lion. I made this costume for a local production of  The Wizard of Oz, and we opened last night. The mane is comprised of an old wig, yarn, and feathers. I’m especially happy with how it turned out!

Costume for The Wizard of Oz by Carol Parker Mittal

Costume for The Wizard of Oz by Carol Parker Mittal

Lion with tail, Lion Costume, Carol Parker Mittal

The Cowardly Lion plays with his tail. Costume by Carol Parker Mittal


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Caterday Costumes

I’ve been working on costumes for a local production of The Wizard of Oz. First dress rehearsal is this Monday, so I’ve been super busy creating munchkins, flying monkeys, and the rest of the characters. Here are some snapshots of my faithful assistants “helping” me with the costumes. Vera does quality control by laying on all of the fabrics, testing them for comfort and durability. Lucy goes through the scraps and trims, looking for useful bits of decoration before the broom takes away the excess. And Miss Bean is the project manager. She oversees the operation, keeping the work orderly, ensuring that the pattern pieces don’t get disheveled by anyone but her. Thanks for checking in! Now, I’m off to see the wizard!


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Caturday Donut

I volunteer as a docent at the Dennos Art Museum. Nearly every Tuesday, we docents assemble to learn about the exhibits, study museum practices, and to plan tours for student groups. This week, the art project committee presented examples and conducted a hands-on workshop for possible activities to use with children who come to the art museum for tours. This is my response to a prompt that asked the students to create a round object containing textures or patterns. It’s inspiration was the work of Jae Yong Kim, a ceramic artist who has an installation colorful ceramic and glass donuts on exhibit at the Dennos. I didn’t realllly follow the assignment as presented, but, well….I take every opportunity to draw a kitty when given the option!

Crayon and watercolor resist, colored pencil

Crayon and watercolor resist, colored pencil

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Taking Care on Caturday

Today’s post honors those not-so-fortunate cat friends who survive by their wits, and the kind and caring humans who manage and attend to colonies of feral cats. Stay warm, my furry and non-furry friends.

"Trickle Down Theory" Oil on Paper

“Trickle Down Theory” Oil on Paper

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