Snow Business Like Snow Business


Attempting to break out of my artistic doldrums, I suited up and braved the cold weather to try some snow sculpture.

Snow Cat

This cat is about three feet tall, with eyes and nose of stone, and whiskers of white pine.

The day was sunny for the first time in a long string of dark days, so I thought the snow would be prime for sculpting. However, it was still very powdery, and not packable. I had to bring buckets of water to mix with the snow to get it to stick to itself. I had a blast (by myself!) and managed to learn a lot about making non-snowman objects out of snow.

I started by shoveling a mound, then adding buckets of half water/half snow to the pile and stirring it up before it would congeal into packable matter. After that, I made additions by wetting both surfaces to be joined. It was cold enough, despite the sun, that the slushy mixture became icy pretty quickly, but that allowed me to use a garden trowel to scrape away and carve. .

My results are blocky and a bit rough. I would have continued for much longer, refining things here and there, if my feet had not turned to ice in my boots. Plus, I had already been working for three hours and needed to move on with the more responsible parts of my day.

Melting snow catThe snow cat is thoroughly melting now because we’ve had some rain, but that is the way of temporary installations. When this one melts away, I would definitely try it again! I highly recommend snow sculpture, if you’ve got the available materials.

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  1. It’s so fun to play with snow, isn’t it? We had snow earlier in this winter and then we made snow spirit with my friend. It looked quite creepy. But then all snow melted until last night it snowed again. I have kindergarten next to my apartment and it’s so nice to hear the kids playing and laughing in the snow. They are making snowman also. I guess it’s time to go out and make second snow spirit.
    Your snowcat is lovely. 🙂

  2. wonderful, Carol!
    As a non-snowy place dweller, it’s never occurred to me that people make non-snowman type snowmen. Cool! Truly cool cat. Over here on east coast of Australia, we’ve just survived an oppressive heat wave. The sort of heatwave where you can’t sleep at night. Funny old world.

    • Oh, no! Too bad about the heat. That’s not fun at all. One of the things I appreciate so much about blogging is the sharing of perspectives. One person’s winter is another person’s summer! I’m glad I could share a little snow with you.

  3. What a great snow cat Carol!! 🐱❄️ I wanted to make a “snow bird” earlier this winter but gave up when the snow was too powdery. I’m impressed that you added water! It turned out really good. 🏆

    • Thanks! There is all kinds of advice online about how to make the snow workable. I just looked some things up before I started out. It’s not too different from sand sculpture…just colder!

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