Past Workshop Offerings

Ornament Books
mini ornament book

Using decorative papers, and simple printmaking, students will create a miniature treasure to hang on the tree or to give as a keepsake. Participants will learn simple mixed-media techniques combined with the accordion bookmaking structure. Options for cover variations, the inclusion of text, and alternatives for hanging will be discussed. Students are encouraged, but not required, to bring a short verse, quote or saying to class. $30, Adults and adults with youth 12+

Retro Reuse Cards
Collage christmas cards

Cut, combine, reuse, and collage images to create new, personalized, and fun greeting cards for the holidays. Learn mixed-media methods to help your compositions appear seamless. Students will produce 2-3 cards, and be presented with options for making matching envelopes from other recycled materials. Collage materials will be provided. Participants are encouraged to bring their own stash of used greeting cards for repurposing. $25, Adults and adults with youth 10+.

Mixed-Media Sketchbook: The Visual Journal

Visual Journal Pages
Explore simple techniques to turn a blank book into a creative work of art. Use it for brainstorming, journaling, visual mapping and more. We’ll experiment with photo transfers, pen and ink, simple watercolor, collage and printmaking to turn plain pages into dynamic visual tools.

Handmade Books

Case bound book, Accordion Flag Book, Tape Sewn BooksBecome acquainted with a variety of traditional bookmaking techniques.  Different binding systems will be discussed, explained and revealed through making, including both single and multi-signature bindings. Other more experimental techniques will also be put on the table for participants to accept, reject, or alter.

Secret Books

Secret Book using Heidi Kyle blizzard fold binding

Create a unique book with enclosure pages and a hidden folio using folding and gluing techniques. A great place to keep all of your secrets (and a few surprises!) Perfect as a special gift or top secret journal.

Bursting Books

Flag book, accordion book, starburst bookIn this action-packed workshop, you will create two or three different book models with decorative papers; a starburst book, a layered accordion, and/or a flag book. Each structure stands alone as a beautiful, functional object, yet opens up a world of possibilities for your creativity. We will discuss various artists who use these structures in their work, and suggestions will be given on how you can adapt and personalize these versatile, visual explosions.

Decorative BookmakingTape Sewing Class
Using patterned papers and colorful threads, construct an eye-catching handmade book. We will discuss papers, peruse examples of similar book structures, and learn the step-by-step instructions for designing and assembling your book. Your pages can later be used for writing, drawing, or visual journaling! Craft a book as a gift for a friend, family member, or for yourself.