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Arty Cats

Arty Cats

I collect cats. There are only three that already saturate the available space in my home, so I enjoy other people’s cats whenever I can. My obsession doesn’t stop there because I also amass images of cats I see in art museums and galleries. I am always on the lookout for the shadowy places an artist might have hidden a cat in a Renaissance painting, or featured a cat in a Pop Art portrait. I even wrote a brief post about Cats in Art a few years ago.

Sleeping Cat, Ruskin Spear

Sleeping Cat  Ruskin Spear was a British painter during the 1900’s. In addition to his portraits of dignitaries and such, he painted charming cats, as well.

My most populated collection of cats resides on Pinterest in Arty Cats. This is where I store and share images of cats I’ve seen that I really like. In my little online cat art gallery I’ve included master painters like Ruskin Spear and this sweet, sleeping cat, and Theophile Steinlein, who painted sassy French cats of the Moulin Rouge era.

Cats 1920 Steinlein

Cats 1910 by the grandfather of all cat painters, Theophile Alexandre Steinlein.

Some living artists whose work I admire include Midori Yamada, who creates quiet cat worlds with simple compositions . But, I also like the folk-style art of Ryan Conners of Kilkenny Cat Art in which she portrays cat friends who take off on adventures in their Volkswagens.

All of this cat art  is interesting to me, not only because I love cats, but also because I make pictures of cats. I like to see what other people are doing, and how I fit into the visual conversation. What is instructive to me, at the very core, is that people make extraordinary art about everyday things, in this case, cats. It is in the portrayal of the ordinary that elevates it to art as it becomes imbued with the perspective of its creator. Whether it makes us contemplate, or relate, or smile, or even dislike, then the art is successful.

As far our feline friends, it’s clear that cats inspire artists, whether as portraiture or symbol. The next time you’re in an art museum, I challenge you to do your own cat count to see how many works of art include a kitty. And, if you’re interested, you can see the varied cat portrayals I’ve saved on my Arty Cats Pinterest board. You can even start your own cat collection. If you can’t have more actual cats, then why not horde some virtual cats for your own enjoyment?

Handmade Monday Magenta


Introducing a new regular feature to Art Is Not for Sissies— Handmade Monday! It’s a place where I will highlight some of my other art #notcats (gasp!) Today, I reveal a little about the process of making my suede-covered blank books. You can inspect my craftsmanship more closely at my Etsy Shop, Attack Cat Studio.

Hole punch, Carol Parker Mittal

Getting the book ready for the final step—adding the tie closure.

Magenta Book Detail. Carol Parker Mittal

Detail of the cord closure on the book flap.

Magenta Book, Carol Parker Mittal

Hot Mama Magenta! Book ready to go.

Caturday is for Attack Cats


I’ve been getting my Etsy shop, Attack Cat Studio, online all week. My handmade books are featured so far with plans to have a few more available within the week. Ultimately, the shop will include some of my other art. Right now, I’m trying to work out the font and design that will be used on print media like tags, business cards, etc.  My cat-spiration for the drawing comes from Lucy, Bean, and Vera. I thought it best since they help me so much when I’m painting or making books. (Ha!) These ever-present studio companions are not ferocious to people, but if there is a string, or shredded paper, or a scrap of fabric, around, look out! Attack Cat!

Attack Cat Studio

Reasonable draft of print design for Attack Cat Studio.