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Challenge Accepted


Last year, I participated in Drawlloween, a challenge for artists to post a work every day for the month of October based on Halloween themed prompts. Despite my most sincere efforts, I can not draw anything that looks really scary, but, I proceeded anyway, rendering my subjects in watercolor and pen. You can look back on my interpretations starting with Drawlloween with Cats, where I present the first four drawings I completed, including Return from the Dead, Mansions and Manors, Spider Day, and Better Homes & Goblins.

Drawing of a cat running

Day 1: Fast

I contemplated joining in the spooky fun again this year, but, instead, opted to do Inktober, which follows a similar format by providing daily drawing prompts. Inktober is decidedly non-seasonal, and the only rule, really, is that the drawing must be executed in ink. I find the discipline of using pens quite appealing, and I admire artists who do fine inking work. My favorite of all time is Edward Gorey, but a recent find is the illustrator Franco Matticcio. Both of these artists employ fine, directional marks, layering, and a variety of patterns and textures to create contrast and build form. Their drawings are also whimsical, and they both draw cats, among other things.

Drawing of barking collies.

Day 2: Noisy

Across the board, interpretations of these prompts varies wildly, with incredible artists submitting their works. It is SO inspiring and fun to see what other people draw. You can see what other artists are doing by searching #inktober and #drawlloween on any social media site!

Already a couple of days behind the Inktober schedule, posts will arrive as I complete more drawings.


Siempre en mi Corazón


Finally! As Drawlloween is almost ended, I’m excited for the Skulls and Skeletons prompt! With this Dia de los Muertos tribute, (the Mexican Day of the Dead,) I celebrate the nine lives of Cleo, Emily, Garfield, and Spooky, by memorializing them in this drawing of hearts and bones.

Cat skeletons, Dia de los Muertos

“He spake well who said that graves are the footprints of angels. ” ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty


I know next to nothing about World of Warcraft. The closest I come to video games is playing Scrabble on Facebook. So, when the Drawlloween challenge was World of Witchcraft, I had to do a little exploring into it’s legitimate and, oh so popular referent. I respect you if you’re a W.O.W. enthusiast, but I just couldn’t embrace the theme and how to impose a kitty. That is, until I found the Pet Battle link. Apparently, in this part of the game, your character collects animals by trapping them, and then turning them into warrior pets. There are also a lot of magical orbs, so… anyway… I expose my ignorance, and give you my version.

Cat and box trap with fish.

Cats love a good fish in any realm.

There Be No Werewolves Here


Powerful and mysterious, the moon tugs at the oceans, determines our calendar, and causes mischief when we see the sun’s reflected light during the full lunar cycle. I always welcome that illuminating glow and the moon’s transformative luminosity. The succession from full, to waning, to half, to waxing is a comfort and a beacon, connecting me to my friends all over the world because we all gaze upon the same moon. So, today’s prompt, Beware the Full Moon, is more like an invitation for contemplation than a warning against danger.

Cats on a branch.

Party On, Pumpkins


Whoo-hooo! Pumpkin Palooza is on! Okay, so the only place pumpkins really gather is at an orchard or in a parking lot where they’re organized into rows to await the Halloween transformation that is the jack-o-lantern. I am not sure how enthusiastic they are about this slaughter as pumpkins are not particularly communicative. But, here is a crowd of those ubiquitous, orange gourds, and one interloper.

Cat in a pumpkin patch.

They could be watching a concert. It’s hard to tell with pumpkins.

Drawlloween countdown. Only 6 to go!
If you’re paying attention, you might notice that I’m a day behind. Never fear! I might have missed a day, but I won’t miss a drawing.

I Want To Believe


My inspiration for today’s drawing comes from this video demonstrating how the automatic righting response that cats have when falling does not work in zero gravity. So, naturally, when I learned that it was Flying Saucer Day, I automatically thought about cats being abducted by aliens. That’s a reasonable connection, right? Happy Drawlloween, Day 24.

Feline Abduction

Forget Everything and Run


Spiders. Heights. Public speaking. Enclosed spaces. Clowns. We all have something that elicits the gut-wrenching, clammy panic within. And, during the scare season, unreasonable fears can heighten those screams of horror. Cats are not immune to such dread as a high percentage of felines have amaxophobia, the fear of riding in cars. Just the mention of a vehicular outing makes the paws sweat. OH, GOD, NOOOOOOOooooo! Not the CAR!!!!

Cat doesn't want to ride in car

Help me!

Only nine drawings left after today’s  Phobia Phriday for Drawlloween.