Art Is Not For Sissies came about as a rant one day because I was tired of hearing people say things like, “It’s just art,” and “how hard can it be?” (If you’re interested in that first post, you can read it here.) This blog has since evolved into a repository for my obsessions with art and cats. In addition to painting, drawing, and printmaking, I make handmade books. While a blank page can be daunting, I believe it also can be a place for contemplation, expression, or exploration. It is my desire for art to impact individuals so they can find their own true direction through self-discovery. A book is one way for artists at any level to begin or continue their personal journey. The cats are just a bonus.

Attack Cat Studio is located in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, where I live with my husband and our three ridiculously sassy cats. I also teach workshops, and volunteer as a docent at the Dennos Museum Center.

At Blackbird Arts
I completed my MFA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and hold a BS in Art Education from Western Michigan University. I have taught secondary art in public and private schools, planning and implementing courses in Drawing, Painting, Advanced Placement Studio, Photography, Sculpture, and Digital Cinematic Arts. I have also designed curriculum and conducted studio courses for undergraduate Elementary Education majors in basic art skills, child development, national and state standards for art education, and the integration of art into the Pre-K through 9th grade classroom.


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  2. Hi Ms. Parker — or do I say Mrs. Parker-Mittal, or even Carol??? — I guess that’s my roundabout way of indicating it’s been a reaaallly long time since I’ve spoken to you… crazy. So — I’m not a social media person at all (which you might’ve realized at some point when trying to reach me a while back ago through the Facebook, or whatever the kids are calling it these days…). My apologies for not being better about staying it touch. While I don’t use Twitter, I apparently have an account, and through the magic of big data and user privacy agreements that we all sign without ever reading, you popped up in an email today as someone I should “follow” — which, after a few clicks, brought me here. Anyway, seeing all that you’re up to has left me with both a smile and a strong feeling to at least say hi!!! Really hope you and Mr. Mittal are doing well… If my email address isn’t visible to you as the proprietor of this website, please let me know in a reply here, and I’ll get it to you should you wish to correspond further in a more approproate venue (sorry for the ridiculously long, semi-personal post here; just didn’t want to pass up on this inspired moment to send my regards and well wishes! Feel free to delete all this after digesting…). Basically — I’m just super glad to see you’re still doing awesome (and entertaining) work! Please know you left a hugely positive impression on me (which, like many of the more important lessons in life, one only realizes after the fact — sometimes years later…), so in all due sincerity, thank you! Keep it all up, because the world needs more Ms. Parkers (sorry, that’s who you are in my head–no disrespect intended)!

    Much love, from your former longtime SMH pupil, Rick(y) Johnson

  3. Thanks for the follow! I’m pleased to hear you like cats! We rescued a Greek kitten two years ago, and she lives on our boat with us quite happily. We named her Artemis. At the moment she is on holiday in the UK but we will meet up with her soon. She has been a guest Blogger on Bailey BoatCat’s page, and look out for her on Tummy Rub Tuesday!

  4. This looks like a great blog! I’ll be following it as soon as WordPress lets me. And absolutely, art is NOT for sissies! Well, good art isn’t. Crappy art can be.

  5. I totally agree “desire for art to impact individuals so they can find their own true direction through self-discovery” – everyone can make art and it does us all good 🙂 By the way Carol, you won the Colouring book! Give me your address and I’ll get it to you asap. Congratulations 😀

  6. Seriously – you are a guide at the gate! I am so glad for all the lucky souls who cross your path and receive your direction! I really like the comfortable nature of your “about.” From one teacher to another! – JM

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