I’m Hearing Voices


Heee-hoo. Heeee-hooo. That’s the sound of chickadees in my neighborhood repeatedly calling to one another from the treetops. They’ve been so insistent (heeee-hoo) that I decided that they must be trying to tell me something.

Pencil drawing of chickadees

Pertinent chickadees. Pencil drawing from my sketchbook.

I recently posted about looking for inspiration in color palettes of artworks. After I wrote that, I went shopping and had a lot of fun choosing fabrics to use as future book cloth. Even so,  I was still a little “meh” about any real direction. I didn’t want to just fall back on the same cats for imagery.

(I know! I can’t believe I said that. I love cats, but it can’t be all cats all of the time, can it?)

That’s where the chickadees come in. But how to print them? The lamp in my Thermofax machine burned out and, despite calling every rare bulb dealer in the US, I’ve yet to find a replacement. That means no easy way to screen print. (If anyone knows where I might find a replacement lamp for a 3M Secretary with 15 amps, let me know!)

Chickadee drawings, fabric, printed fabric

Upper Left: Fabric for soon-to-be books; Upper Right: The inked version of the drawing above; Lower: Birds printed on fabric using ink jet printer

As a possible alternative, I tried my ink jet printer to print the chickadees on the fabric. This isn’t exactly a new idea for me, I kind of re-remembered it as something I tried once and liked. I’m satisfied with how the birds appear on the cloth, but I’m not certain about how archival this method is, or how durable it will be as a book cover.

Ultimately, I want more complex patterns. And I’m not sure if I would print the whole book cloth cover, or perhaps cut out individual birds and sew them to different cloth, or both. Or, something else entirely.

Heee-hoo. I’m waiting for the chickadees to give me a sign.



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  2. Best kind of voices to be hearing – those of little birds.
    Here in Sydney, we have some fairly squawky loud colourful birds too.
    I am an ignoramus and thought ‘chickadees’ was simply a cute word to say to people! OMG they are real birds!

  3. I’ve learned somethign new today – there are two English words for the German Meise. Chickadee – for some species – and tit for some other species. I knew the three letter word in ornothology use, but never came across the word chickadee before.

      • Meise is the German word for a group of bird species, Blaumeise, blue tit or blue titmouse one of them, Kohlmeise (great tit) another – the two most widespread in Germany.

      • Okay, good to know! I suppose that is why there are Latin names for species. I appreciate the language lesson. It makes me feel more connected to the world. 🙂

  4. Love your sweet chickadees! 💕😍 Have you looked at Spoonflower creating your design on fabric? Just a thought. I haven’t pursued it for some of my designs yet but I hope to give it a try! 😃

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