Cats Get Around


You may or may not know that I post a bi-weekly feature called The Friday Art Cat on Katzenworld, an amazing blog about all things cat. Well, it’s turned out to be a lot of fun for me, and other bloggers like what I’m doing enough to re-post my art! You can see how My Daily Musings‘ features My Article Read (this week, The Friday Art Cat is #22 on the list,) and Ravenhawks’ Magazine, a comprehensive site about spirituality and earth-friendly practices, has given The Friday Art Cat a prominent place on their post.

Closer to home, Vera, Lucy, and Bean are starting to get a little supervised outside time on the back patio to soak up the warming sun!

Three cats laying on a patio.

Left: Bean, Right: Lucy, Lower: Vera                                    We love our sunny patio!

Happy Spring weekend, everybody, and thanks for checking out the cats and news this Caturday.


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  1. I started allowing Buddy Foster supervised outdoor play. He knows he has limits as to how far he can roam-not onto the street! Yet, just like a child he will occasionally run across our street, fortunately not busy, and make me chase him. His harness arrives any day.

    • Let me know how the harness works out. I have one cat that, I think, would really enjoy it. Thankfully, we do not live on a busy street. When my cats decide to run off the patio, they head for the neighbor’s trees. 🙂

    • I can relate. Our snow is gone, except the parking lot piles. But it’s been sunny the last few days and warming bit by bit. Happy Spring to you 🙂

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