Cats Helpful, Not Helpful


This is the time of year where I work on costumes for a local high school musical. We’re doing Bye Bye, Birdie, a bouncy musical set in the 1950’s. (Imagine lots of circle skirts and Americana.)  At first, the cats were very interested in assisting, that is, until they realized that there are no actual birds in the show.

Cat looking at vintage patterns

Lucy likes to give design advice and has a good eye for color.

Cat sitting atop clothes.

Bean, ever the rational one, knows when to question my decisions. Here she asks, “you’re not really going to do that, are you?” She’s saved me from bad decisions more than once.

Sleeping cat on a sewing table.

Vera is content to allow work to progress, as long as she has a place on the sewing table.


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  3. It’s always handy when there’s a cat around to help you make a difficult decision. I’m always relying on Mr. Bowie…

  4. Sewing is impossible at my house. Giulietta sits right on the sewing table staring at the needle as it goes up and down. Of course, at least one, if not more, are lying in the middle of the fabric. And when I make catnip toys, I just keep sewing them closed to clip apart when I’m done. After I get a long string of them, Lily will usually come in, grab it and try to run. Good luck with those costumes. Bet they’ll be sporting lots of kitty fur.

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