Cat Shack Fever

Cat by a snowy window

Maybe I’ll go out.

A cats sits at the window by the cat shack ramp, contemplating the blowing snow. I was certain that if the pathway was clear, she might venture into the shelter to explore the wintry scene. I shoveled.

Person shoveling a short deck.

Fluffy snow and 17° F. Still, I hoped my efforts would free the cats from the house.

Back inside, I open the window, and a rush of cold whooshes in. I steel myself for the chilly air entering my kitchen. A cat sits and thinks, declines the offer, and waits for spring.

Gray tabby kitty on a sofa

Full of ennui from lack of daylight and little exercise.


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  1. My cat goes out in the snow but only if the temp is above 30 degrees and for a VERY short look around. Lol! Then he comes racing inside and runs from one end of the house to the other! Totally cracks me up! 😜💕😍

  2. The best place is now, watching birds, inside by the window. Our cat Kosmo, adopted knowing nothing of his past, do not go out at all. In summertime tried in many ways, but he is just very nervous and stairing the door, it must be open to go in.

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