Philosophical Fragments


Hardly anyone I know ever saw this painting. I created, Zeno, for donation to a local art center for a fundraising event, the kind where local artists hand over a piece, then, during an invited members-only reception, the artworks sell to the center’s patrons.

Zeno tiger measuring tape crow gourd

Zeno, a Greek philosopher and mathematician, believed that the world of the senses was merely an illusion.  Watercolor painting by Carol Parker Mittal

I was excited to have a piece in this show. Being new to the area, I saw it as an opportunity to have a lot of people see my work. On the night of the occasion, my then-boyfriend and I arrived at the reception early but I couldn’t find the painting anywhere! I quickly discovered that Zeno was one of the first pieces that sold that night. I never saw it hanging in the gallery, though I did locate the orphaned label, and the empty space on the wall. I never even signed the front of the work.

We strolled through the galleries, looking at all of the art. Despite the swanky surroundings and champagne, some of my enthusiasm for the event had waned. Plus, the food options for vegetarians were next to nothing. We left the party early. While I was excited that my piece sold, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see it in the gallery– nor did anyone else– because it disappeared so quickly.

That art center stopped hosting fundraising events in the same way the year after, so unknown artists like me were no longer invited to participate. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have sold my work for a good cause, but I still wish I’d kept this painting and donated a different piece.

As it turns out, this night lives as one of my favorite date nights ever. I recall many details, including what I wore (I went shopping for an entirely new outfit,) who we ran into (people from work who did not know we were dating,) the souvenir glasses stamped with blue stars, (still have one of them,) and the lovely desserts we found after we left the reception (at a place to which we returned frequently.) As luck would have it, the then-boyfriend became my husband. Things don’t always turn out as planned, sometimes they turn out better.



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