Forget Everything and Run


Spiders. Heights. Public speaking. Enclosed spaces. Clowns. We all have something that elicits the gut-wrenching, clammy panic within. And, during the scare season, unreasonable fears can heighten those screams of horror. Cats are not immune to such dread as a high percentage of felines have amaxophobia, the fear of riding in cars. Just the mention of a vehicular outing makes the paws sweat. OH, GOD, NOOOOOOOooooo! Not the CAR!!!!

Cat doesn't want to ride in car

Help me!

Only nine drawings left after today’s  Phobia Phriday for Drawlloween. 


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  1. I remember when I was young we had to take out cat to the vet for a checkup. Being a true house cat this was surely going to be a tough spot for her. The decision was made I would hold her and keep her calm for the short ride. That decision went sideways real fast once the car was started and kitty got her claws out, left my grasp and began to run sideways along the interior of the car. I swear she was moving so fast the window glass wasn’t slowing her down. Once we turned the car off…our cat slowed to the point she could be placed in a carrier for a much less eventful ride to the vet. Lesson learned.

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