Not Friday the 13th


Spilled salt, broken mirrors, bells, ladders, and black cats are just a few of the cursed objects that are especially feared on Friday the 13th. Since this year’s October thirteenth falls on a Tuesday, it’s the best way to weird out today for Drawlloween 2015.

Cats Under Ladders and other superstitions

Paraskevidekatriaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th.


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    • Well, it’s not technically a Friday the 13th. I was also picturing the two cats in the foreground as being in danger, not being the cause of the danger.

      • OH! The cats are suffering the fates of the superstition. Well…that’s a bit confusing. That might be like having a ladder afraid to walk under itself.

      • Yes, I suppose. I am looking at the cats under the ladders, not as black cats, as per the superstition, but as separate entities effected by the fates. Also, it’s not REALLY about Friday the 13th since the 13th fell on a Tuesday. It’s deliberately referential, yet ambiguous.

  1. I’ve been a fan of cats since boyhood – I had a cat like the one on the lower left and also one like the cat on the rat at different points in my life. The other reason I’m commenting is because you have the best blog name, period. Congratulations from me! And probably from other people who also admire your sentiment. – JM

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