Why Cats Make Bad Vampires


You would think that cats are natural vampires. They have the proper bicuspids for poking those tell-tale holes in a victim’s neck. I guess my cats aren’t out for blood, though. They just want to give me love bites.

I want to bite your hand.

This is how cats show their love.


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  1. I love this. Unfortunately, mine do puncture sometimes. I am sure it is not intentional. Keep up the good work. I so enjoy your paintings. Hugs, Janet

    • A handy hint: if your cat gets over-excited and bites you too hard the trick is not to pull away (they think that’s part of the game) but to freeze and squeal. That means: too hard, you’re hurting me. It’s something they learn in fun fights with their litter mates. So they (usually) desist, and you can extract your hand. Slowly. Unless your cat is indeed a vampire!

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