Drawlloween with Cats

Cat Graveyard Illustration

Day 1: Return from the Dead

The real story is what happens inside the haunted house. That’s one of the reasons I’m participating in Drawlloween 2015, a month-long list of prompts and postings based on Halloween themes. I love Halloween–not so much the gore-ridden, chainsaw type of Halloween, but costumes, candy, and fun “scary” stuff. Plus, I’ve never been able to draw anything even vaguely terrifying.

Do Not Feed After Midnight

Day 2: Better Homes and Goblins
I interpreted this one more like Gremlins… but Goblins…Gremlins…not much difference!

I’m enamored with narrative, so I decided that I would include cats in order to push the story element of the illustrations. By pairing my silly cats with the daily prompts, I’m forced to think of imagery I might never have considered.

Cat lurking after a spider.

Day 3: Spider Day
This is possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever drawn.

I’ve set the parameter of working small. I trace a credit-card onto a page in my sketchbook and plan the sketch. The drawing is finalized using watercolor and pen, my preferred media for illustrating.

Cat and Mouse

Look out, Vera! I based this image on a photo I took of my cat Vera at the bottom of our hallway stairs and imagined what would happen if her toy mouse came to life.
Day 4: Mansions and Manors

I’ll be sharing my Drawlloween 2015 entries for the rest of the month. I hope I can keep up!

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