Learning How To Art Fair

Learning How To Art Fair
Books and display items

Part of my table set up at the Gypsy Market.

I took Attack Cat Studio out to hawk wares at a local makers market for the first time on Sunday. While I didn’t really expect a lot of sales due to the venue, (near food and the beach, afternoon crowd of wanderers not really looking for art) I did learn A LOT. For example, just watching people interact with my books and how they’re displayed, as well as hearing the kinds of questions I might get, and who shows interest enough to bother, was all very instructive. Some people were interested in the process. Some people just wanted to tell me how much they love cats, too. Many people just smiled politely and walked by with their microbrew and tacos.

Here are some points I wrote down about my day:

  • Put price tags on everything, not just on a sign.
  • Have a unfinished book in pieces, so people can see how they’re made.
  • Offer some items in a lower price range.
  • Maybe offer pencils or pens to go with the books.
  • Bring something to do when it’s slow.

My day was productive in that I know what to do for the next market. I am also preparing for a few holiday markets. These are all indoor venues here in the north. I am working my way up to larger, summer art fairs where I’ll have to set up with a canopy and deal with the elements! Are you an art fair artist? Do you have any advice for me?

And if you’re interested, you can find me at my Etsy shop.



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  1. Indoor market? Put one/two spotlight(s). It is a plus!
    Prepare a catalogue with prices, a small cute leaflet is enough, and with all your references (name, address, telephon number, blog, etsy-shop and so on).
    Prepare something special at a good price for/with Halloween/Christmas (people are always looking for gifts in advance!).
    Be ready to print/colour/stamp your book “live” 😀

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