Don’t Leave Home Without It

Art supplies

Here is what I’m taking along this trip.

Drawstring Bag

It all fits in here!

I can’t bear to be away from my art supplies when I travel, so I always assemble a portable studio to tote in my carry-on. I try include my favorite tools in the most space-economical way I can. The trickiest part is how to bring watercolor brushes without compromising their tips. Normally, I carry them in an old cosmetic bag, but that can results in bent or scruffy bristle issues. So, this time, I used part of a non-skid mat and some elastic to make a carrier.

Paintbrush holder

Left: I wove a piece of elastic through a piece of non-skid mat. Center: Inserted my brushes. Right: Rolled the bundle, and, presto! my brushes are protected in a lightweight, portable blanket.

Here’s what I put in my art travel kit:

  • Pencils, a sharpener, and an eraser
  • Mechanical pencils of different lead sizes
  • Black pens with permanent ink in different tip sizes
  • A few pens with colored ink
  • Highlighters
  • Scotch Tape
  • Mini-scissors (to get past security)
  • Glue stick
  • Travel watercolor kit
  • A few brushes
  • A trusty sketchbook or journal

Do you have any traveling-with-art tricks or tips?! Please share them with me!


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  3. Clever brush-holder! I have an ongoing love affair with water-brushes or aqua brushes…(different names are around). Brush is attached to its own little plastic water container. You squeeze the water through. They have lids too, so can preserve brush tip. Ultra portable.

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