This is all your fault…

1000 Likes with Cats

My muses, clockwise from top left: Cleo (2009), Bean, Garfield (2014), Vera, Lucy, and Emily (2014)

You may notice a few changes at Art Is Not For Sissies, like a new header and formatting, and a little more headline action for Attack Cat Studio. When I reached the “1000 Likes” milepost this week, I decided the best way to say THANK YOU!! to my readers was to update my look. You know, make it more spiffy, add some organization, tell you a little bit about myself…some important details for someone who has reached ONE THOUSAND likes. It is my own fault that it took me four years of erratic blogging to get here, and, frankly, compared to some bloggers, 1000 likes is something they do every day. But, hey, the tally means a lot to me, and because of you, here we are at this moment of transformation. Cheers, friends!


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