Handmade Monday Block Out


I am assembling small printing blocks because I enjoy…

  • Multiples: Being able to reproduce the same, or similar image repeatedly and in variation so that there is more than one.
  • Repetition: I am naturally attracted to patterns. There is beauty in organization, design, and structure. Can be organic or geometric.
  • Layered imagery. Inspired by the effects fabric artists get with cloth and my long-time experience in using watercolor. I want to create depth through layering of color and image.

    Rubber stamp print

    Simple rubber stamp made with Speedy Cut. I used this to give a faux linoleum print feel.

I used Speedy Cut for the large square block, and sticky-backed flexi cut, which is a thin, easy-to-cut rubber material, mounted to a square of thick binder’s board for the shape blocks.

Handmade cat stamp

Relief blocks made out of sheets of flexi-cut mounted on heavy binder’s board.

Blocks were then printed onto a piece of handmade 100% cotton rag paper that I previous painted with watercolor and left to dry covered in bubble wrap. The resulting image leaves the circle pattern of the bubble wrap in the dry paint.

Block print pattern. Person holding block print pattern.

Top: Different trials with stamps.
Bottom: Me with the final result.

This paper will get used as a cover for a handmade book, so stay tuned! More about that, later.

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