Caterday Costumes


I’ve been working on costumes for a local production of The Wizard of Oz. First dress rehearsal is this Monday, so I’ve been super busy creating munchkins, flying monkeys, and the rest of the characters. Here are some snapshots of my faithful assistants “helping” me with the costumes. Vera does quality control by laying on all of the fabrics, testing them for comfort and durability. Lucy goes through the scraps and trims, looking for useful bits of decoration before the broom takes away the excess. And Miss Bean is the project manager. She oversees the operation, keeping the work orderly, ensuring that the pattern pieces don’t get disheveled by anyone but her. Thanks for checking in! Now, I’m off to see the wizard!



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  1. Leave it to the cats to always over see the work you are doing. My new kitten sits at my computer and watches me sketch. Needless to say she often tries to chew on my expensive colour pencils too.

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