Caturday for a Departed Friend

Cleo Louise BonNuit, rest in peace.

Cleo Louise BonNuit, rest in peace.

Mademoiselle Cleo Louise BonNuit was a cat of the world. She made friends everywhere she went with her cantankerous personality and impressive girth. Cleo traveled the United States, seeing the National Parks of the West. She was especially fascinated with bear watching from her trailer window at the Grand Canyon, and going for leashed walks to sniff the terrain in New Mexico. She frequented her favorite restaurant, Le Chat Calico (my kitchen,) where she would dine on the finest in low-cal cat cuisine with her best friend, Emily. Despite Cleo’sattention toward healthy living, Miss Cleo eventually could not resist the pull of new adventures and she left us for cat nirvana about six years ago, almost to the day. I dedicate this Caturday to all of our departed feline friends with a tribute to one impressive cat, Miss Cleo.

Cleo and Emily, good friends!

Miss Cleo with Miss Emily, always by her side. Good friends!


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  1. When my dog died 10 years ago, I cried my eyes out. I was still little but there was already an understanding between me and my dog. It was really painful and I’m not sure what to do now that I’ve grown up, and I have new pets 😦 If I lose even one, I don’t think I can handle it now that I understand the feeling of losing a friend 😦 I love your post, and your painting though, made me happy too 🙂

  2. They’re just little people in fur coats, a friend says, and she’s right. We lost one of ours in May, so I can sympathize with you. He will never be forgotten. Your painting of her is beautiful too.

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