My Huge Creative Project

Just a sample of the Seussical, Jr. costume madness.

Just a sample of the Seussical, Jr. costume madness.

I am costuming the musical Seussical, Jr. for the 6th graders at Platte River Elementary School. There are 25 students in the play and some of them have more than one costume.

The characters in the show are Seussian and I’m designing the costumes to suggest certain characteristics. For example, there are  birds, monkeys, a kangaroo, and an elephant, but they’re not depicted with ears and tails. The Cat in the Hat is wearing a tuxedo coat with formal tails instead of having an actual feline tail. The kangaroo has a large cross-body bag instead of a marsupial pouch. The bird girls have feather embellishments on their dresses but no beaks or wings. If you look at other productions of Seussical, Jr. you will see similar decisions, including some with more literal animal interpretations.

I’m performing this feat of craziness pretty much on my own, but I’m having a blast doing it! Dress rehearsal is officially one week away (eek!,) so I’ve been scraping up the last of the costume items including shoes, hats, tights, and other accessories. The Mayor of Whoville doesn’t have any pants, yet. And I still have to make the apparatus that hides the magically growing tail of Gertrude.

I hope you are working on your own creative endeavors! If you happen to be in the vicinity of Benzie Auditorium on the evening of November 25th, come on by and see the show!


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