A Head Full of Bees

Carol Parker Mittal

Mixed-media image created by scanning original paintings and drawings and then  layering them in Photoshop.

Here’s a design I completed as an assignment for an online course I’m taking through Stanford University. The class is called A Crash Course on Creativity and the first prompt was to create a book cover for your autobiography. This is my solution to the problem which required an image, a title, and a subtitle. The process was truly thought-provoking as I considered all of the possible iterations of myself that I could portray. Things like, “I Wish I Were Ironman, but I’m Really Thor,” or “The Nine Lives of a Not-So-Crazy Cat Lady.” Ultimately, and with help from people who know me really well (Neil, my husband, Wendy, my best friend, and Danny, my brother) I decided to go with the attributes that have been most constant throughout my entire life– some features of my personality, and making art.


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  1. Great! Mine was… “Running in heels”My life as an arts administrator

    A title chosen years ago!


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