Make Art Like You’re Working

Carol Parker Mittal

A page from my work notebook.
Carol Parker Mittal

Here are some pages from my work notebook. It’s part sketchbook, part scrapbook, part notepad. Here’s where I make to-do lists, record ideas for lessons, and keep track of anything else I need to remember. I also paste in images I find interesting, notes from students, comics, scraps of decorated paper. I use colored pens, watercolor, and pencils. I doodle, make sketches, turn my book sideways, and otherwise manipulate the page in and around the notes. The extra arty part doesn’t take much time. In long meetings, I make patterns and drawings around the to-do lists. (Believe it or not, I focus better when I’m doodling.) Other times I take my book home and paint some of the pages with watercolor prior to using the pages for work. This activity makes some of the necessary organizational elements to my work a lot more fun. Plus, because it’s visually organized, I’m more likely to remember all the things I’m supposed to remember. For more ideas about how to make work more fun, you should check out The Artist in the Office: How to Creatively Survive and Thrive Seven Days a Week by Summer Pierre.

Carol Parker Mittal

Hand made paper attached to my work notebook. Carol Parker Mittal


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