ArtPrize Awesome


Adonna Khare with her work “Elephants” at ArtPrize

I had the awesome good luck to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan on the almost closing weekend of the 4th annual event called ArtPrize. It’s a city-wide, three-week extravaganza where art institutions, businesses, and public spaces play host to art of all kinds. Artists have to be juried in and sponsored by various institutions or business or spaces. The winner is chosen by popular vote from the viewers who come to see the art and then receives the largest prize for any art competition in the world– $250,000. The event is well-organized, the art is varied, inspiring, well-conceived, and accessible. By accessible, I mean, easy to find, plentiful, well-advertised, and practically EVERYWHERE-161 venues! There’s a wide-range of kinds of art from abstract to conceptual to representational. If you don’t like one thing, you’re sure to find something that suits your taste somewhere else.

The artist that took the prize this year is Adonna Khare for her work called “Elephants.” It is an epic mural done entirely in charcoal pencil. It is a work that renders me speechless for it’s scale, technique, and idea.

After my visit to ArtPrize, I came back to my own studio with grandiose ideas of making a 20 ft. watercolor or 150 life-size cat paintings to be exhibited as an installation. So far, I’ve been too busy teaching to do too much about making my own work, but I am inspired! Maybe I’ll enter something in ArtPrize next year.


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  1. Yes! Good words of caution about lofty goals being a stopper to production. I’m not quite that ambitious– I’m going to try implementing my plan in increments. I’m working on some new pieces so stay tuned…

  2. It’s astonishing that the picture was done in just charcoal pencil. It looks so darn voluminous!

    As for your own ambitions… as long as you don’t let the grandiose get in the way of the good. I have often been stymied by inital lofty ambitions that end up so hopelessly lofty that I never even start them. I can’t wait to see a new cat picture, though. đŸ˜‰

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