22″ x 30″

For years I’ve been receiving notifications and following the website Illustration Friday. It’s a community site run by Penelope Dullaghan, where once a week, a topic is announced and artists submit their interpretation of that theme. The themes are loose, like “bounce,” or “freeze,” so there’s always a lot of creative freedom reflected the submissions. The skill level of the artists varies from beginner to professional and there’s always an amazing array of styles and interpretations. In addition to the weekly gallery, there are useful links to illustration websites, randomly featured artists, and a way to sign up to get the topic delivered directly to your inbox. You can even selectively browse the site by topic, medium, or style. If you submit your art, you get a name credit and a link to your online site.

As I mentioned, I’ve been receiving the notifications from Illustration Friday for awhile now and I finally posted my own entry for the first time this week. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long– I’ve just been stalking all of the brilliant artists that submit, I guess! This week’s topic is “teacher,” so I uploaded one of my watercolors inspired by my love of being in school.

Check out Illustration Friday. It’s fun to browse if you love art, thought-provoking if you need inspiration, and a great opportunity to participate in a well-run online gallery for artists.


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  1. First off: what a wonderful illustration! It has so much life and color and movement. But in addition to those lovely formal qualities, I feel an immediate connection to the character and the scene. You’ve really captured a sense of wonder!

    Secondly, thank you so much for the info about Illustration Friday. I’d heard it referenced before, but never realized where people were finding these “assignments”.

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