Freehand Drawing: Obsessive Circles


“Mountains, Farmed Fresh (CO)” Just one piece from Art by Nemo.

I’m a little circle crazy right now in my own work, so I admit I may be a little biased when I see other artists also obsessively drawing circles. This explain why when I saw this artist at the Fiesta Fine Art Fair last April I was sucked in to the booth to inspect the pieces close up. What really impressed me at first was the precision of the circles. I thought that they had to be computer generated, but they are not! The drawings are made collaboratively by  Texas artists Nemo and Hannah. Each drawing is a combination of representational imagery overlaid and intertwined with patterns of concentric circles or spirals, all meticulously hand-drawn, and seemingly perfect. They depict a range of subject matter from animals to landscapes to people using simple art materials such as graphite and colored pencil. I love the careful craftsmanship and playfulness used to create these charming pieces. Check out their mesmerizing work at Art by Nemo.


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