Americans for the Arts

Today I was at the Americans for the Arts conference, an annual, national event, hosted this year in San Antonio. I learned a lot about arts funding, problems faced by non-profits, crafting publicity statements, and education for the arts from the national perspective. I met interesting people from all over the country, heard about amazing arts initiatives from policy makers, business people, and heads of grant-making organizations. Plus, I got a free Andy Warhol bear from the people at the Pittsburgh table because the conference will be there next year.

I also met a lot of creative, positive, super-charged people from across the country who really care about the arts. Tomorrow, I will attend a session headed by the National Endowment for the Arts about arts journalism (and how it is vanishing from newspapers) and meet with a personal mentor from the National Art Education Association.

Check out the website for Americans for the Arts. It has job posts, granting opportunities, and advocacy tools. It also provides links for policy, professional development, and partnerships. The newly published “Arts and Economic Prosperity IV” demonstrates how  the arts generate substantial revenue for communities.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve checked in. Stay tuned for more blog posts and, if you’re one of my AP students, click on the AP STUDIO tab at the top of this page for your summer assignments.


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