One of the images from my show at the Lotus Gallery.

This is one painting in a series of almost 40 works I created over a period of two months. In order to complete a painting a day, or almost every day, I set working parameters that helped me focus on production —all 4” x 6” horizontal compositions, all cat subjects, all watercolor— I had no predetermined direction for the overall body of work other than wanting to focus on technical issues such as color, composition, and likeness. Throughout the process I found two distinct strands of meaning that naturally emerged, themes about relationships, and of memory. The title of each piece acknowledges the date of completion. I sincerely tried to respond to whatever struck me as important on the day of its making.

I was invited to show the work at the Lotus Gallery, so I exhibited 20 of the pieces this summer. On July 24th the gallery held a tea reception and I gave an artist talk with about 32 people in attendance! The event was really great! Thanks to Georgie, the gallery coordinator for encouraging me to show my work. Also, thanks to Nydia for allowing me to put my art in her space. Here’s a link to the images from the show if you’re interested.


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  1. These are beautiful pieces, and I really enjoyed the gallery show and artist talk. But, I have to say I am more impressed with your dedication to complete a painting a day (not “do some painting” every day, but COMPLETE a painting every day!) The discipline it takes to do that is really impressive.

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