Art Goes to the Dogs


I have painter’s block. Not that I can’t think of what to paint, but that I have some expectation for producing really good paintings–whatever good means. Since I have a show up in a gallery I guess I feel like I should be making consistent work that is constantly better and more evolved. Amazing paintings that everyone will love instantly Paintings that demonstrate to all that I am indeed a painting genius! This thinking is the death of my productivity. Hopefully I’ll get over my irrational fear and make another painting soon.

Sketchbook DrawingI have been able to make drawings. I don’t seem to have a block with that. This is Bruno, #A121334, a dog who is posted for adoption at the San Antonio Animal Control website. Almost daily I’ve been drawing the animals that turn up on this website—dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. I have no idea how animals are selected to be on the site, or how many good animals that never have a chance at finding a home before they are euthanized. San Antonio Animal Control is taking steps to be a no-kill facility by 2012.


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  1. I’m going through the same thing with my new play. The fact that I have a wonderful cast already in place and a looming deadline doesn’t seem to make the pages come out any quicker. When you discover the secret of “unblocking” let me know. I’m glad you can continue drawing. I think being productive in nay artistic form will help.

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