It’s Just Art


That’s what people say to me, usually parents, when they feel their child is being treated unfairly or should be getting a better grade in my class. “It’s just art.” Right. This is often followed by something like, “It’s not like it’s science, or math, or English…” You know, REAL subjects with clout, weight, significance in the world.

My response usually starts with, “Yes, Art CLASS, with criteria, rules, grading rubrics, and expectations. Just like any other class.” It’s so much more than that. Art is a language. Art is a way to communicate in ways that words can not. Art is hard work– Yes, work.  But it’s also rewarding, mind-boggling, profound, silly, and brilliant. Art allows a person to be a creator of worlds, a god.

I want people to know that ART matters. Understanding the language of visual communication is essential to interfacing with our visual world and understanding our history. People who make images NEED to say something that requires line, shape, color, texture and form, instead of words. Often something that is more profoundly experienced when composed with art language.

“Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just get to work.” Chuck Close


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  1. THANK YOU! I was crippled for a long time by people who didn’t teach me that art requires real work and dedication.

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