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One Big Show

The end-of-year art extravaganza is upon us! So proud of our students and ready (almost) to hang the show. The drawing and painting students exhibit over 200 works of art! That’s not including the photography or sculpture!

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A Walk in the Park

Here’s a mind map I created based on a walk I took in a local park. It was the second assignment for the online Creativity Crash Course through Stanford. The idea was to go for a walk and observe the … Continue reading

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Make Art Like You’re Working

Here are some pages from my work notebook. It’s part sketchbook, part scrapbook, part notepad. Here’s where I make to-do lists, record ideas for lessons, and keep track of anything else I need to remember. I also paste in images … Continue reading

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Cats for a Friend

A friend asked me to create a portrait as a gift for his sister-in-law of her cats who had passed away. So, here are Hemingway and Blitzen as I interpreted them. I worked from multiple photos of the two cats … Continue reading

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Kind of Like the Path of an Electron–Only Art

My obsession with circles continues. I like the circle. It’s clean. There is no beginning and no ending. When a circle is drawn geometrically, it exudes order. When a circle is depicted in a more free-form way it has movement, … Continue reading

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For years I’ve been receiving notifications and following the website Illustration Friday. It’s a community site run by Penelope Dullaghan, where once a week, a topic is announced and artists submit their interpretation of that theme. The themes are loose, … Continue reading

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Cats in Art

Cats enjoy a special place in visual representation in many cultures as companions, subjects, and symbols. Cats appear in the ancient art of Egypt where cats were revered as gods. In this depiction, a cat has just killed a snake … Continue reading

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Children’s Book Illustration: Golden Book Artists

I love children’s books. The best of them are clever and funny, potentially didactic, and often profound or moving. But it isn’t just the story that makes a children’s book compelling, it is the art contained within the pages. Recently … Continue reading

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Sketchbook Drawings

I love to keep a sketchbook. It allows me to experiment with ideas and plan for more finished pieces. Here are some recent drawings where I am playing with images. For the Cat with Frog drawing, I cut out an … Continue reading

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Paintings of Snow

Since I encountered Randy Kennedy’s article Name the Art that Calls Your Name, I have been thinking about other works of art that draw me to them in an inexplicable way. This time it isn’t one singular work, but rather … Continue reading

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